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dea1500.2011.prelim2.part1 (1) - 1. a. Draw a diagram of...

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1. a. Draw a diagram of the siting of several residences. Indicate on your diagram the shortest functional and the shortest physical distance between these residences. b. Label each residence (A, B, C, etc.). In words or with a chart, rank order how much the different residents (A,B, C, etc.) would interact. c. Generate some hypothetical data showing that functional distance is more important than physical distance for interaction. Also show that this effect is particularly strong for low-income compared to wealthy people. Why are the adverse impacts of high functional distance greater for low-income individuals? d. Given the income differences in the impacts of functional distance, is this concept an example of environmental determinism or cognitive appraisal? Please explain why. e. Describe another design element other than distance to help low-income residents cope with urban renewal. 2. a. Describe the following characteristics of behavioral toxicology: sub clinical effects critical period multiple effects b. Take one behavioral toxin covered in reading or lecture and develop a presentation of the evidence of the human effects of the behavioral toxin you would make to assist a citizen's group clean up a hazardous waste site located in your hometown. A skeptical city official in your home town objects to your evidence. She argues that this toxin does not produce any physical damage in human adults at the levels uncovered in the hazardous waste site. She also argues that even if
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dea1500.2011.prelim2.part1 (1) - 1. a. Draw a diagram of...

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