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Fall 10 Lab schedule - Wharton 26605 4:00 PM Lucas Fidler...

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GEO 303 Lab Schedule Matrix Fall 2010 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8:00 AM Curtis Bixler 26560 Ruohan Gao 26500 Goodwin Wharton 26505 Ruohan Gao 26565 Lucas Fidler 26510 10:00 AM Michael Fairbanks 26515 Michael Fairbanks 26570 Michael Fairbanks 26520 Curtis Bixler 26575 Lucas Fidler 26580 noon Lindsey Sydow 26525 Alexander Aronovitz 26585 Alexander Aronovitz 26530 Alexander Aronovitz 26590 Lindsey Sydow 26535 2:00 PM Goodwin Wharton 26595 Stephen Bond 26540 Lindsey Sydow 26600 Ruohan Gao 26545 Goodwin
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Unformatted text preview: Wharton 26605 4:00 PM Lucas Fidler 26550 Curtis Bixler 26610 Stephen Bond 26555 6:00 PM Alexander Aronovitz [email protected] Curtis Bixler [email protected] Michael Fairbanks [email protected] Lucas Fidler [email protected] Ruohan Gao [email protected] Lindsey Sydow [email protected] Goodwin Wharton [email protected] Stephen Bond (Head TA) [email protected]
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  • Week-day names, American film actors, American television actors, Michael Fairbanks Lucas Fidler Ruohan Gao Lindsey Sydow Goodwin, Lindsey Sydow, Aronovitz Curtis Bixler

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