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GENERAL INFORMATION GEOLOGY 303, FALL SEMESTER, 2010 Lectures are in Jackson Geology Building (JGB) 2.324 (the Boyd Auditorium) Lecture section 1: MW noon 1 p.m. (unique numbers 26560 - 26610) Lecture section 2: TTh 11 a.m. noon (unique numbers 26500 - 26555) Each unique number corresponds to a unique combination of lecture and lab meeting times. Professors : Leon E. Long, Geology Building 4.156 Office hours: MW 10 11, TTh 10 11, or by appointment Office phone: 471-7562 Home phone: 459-7838 e-mail: [email protected] Richard Ketcham, Geology Building 3.318 Office hours: MW 11 noon, TTh 9 10, or by appointment Office phone: 471-6942 Home phone: 419-7438 e-mail: [email protected] Drs. Long and Ketcham take turns lecturing to both lecture sections. Textbook and lab manual (combined into a single volume): Long, L. E., 2009, GEOLOGY : 14 th ed., Pearson Custom Publishing, 600 pages Many items pertinent to GEO 303 (documents, announcements, condensed lecture notes, images, your test scores, and more) can be accessed via Blackboard (see page 5 for detailed instructions). You are already registered to attend one 2-hour laboratory session per week in JGB 2.306. Participa- tion in laboratory is required in order to pass the course. Labs begin on Monday, August 30 but note that there will be no lecture or labs on Labor Day: Monday, September 6. Weights assigned 1 st quiz 19% to grades: 2 nd quiz 16% Laboratory grade 35% Lecture final exam 30 % 100% The grades will be curved, but the boundaries between letter grades are determined by the instructors' judgment and are different every semester. Recently the A / B boundary has been in the high 80s, the B / C boundary in the high 70s, the C / D boundary in the high 60s, and the D/F boundary in the high 50s. All of these estimates are approximations and may vary a point or so according to class perfor- mance . We are purposely vague about grade boundaries until the end of the course when we can ex- amine in detail the distribution of final weighted averages. Absences : Drs. Long and Ketcham take an understandably dim view of unexcused absences from quizzes. Unexcused absences generally will result in a grade of zero. Please contact one of the in- structors as soon as possible if you have missed a quiz for a legitimate reason. Upon request, UT provides appropriate academic accommodations for qualified students with dis- abilities. For more information, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 471-1201, or open the web site:
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2 Objectives of Geology 303 Geology 303 is a one-semester survey of the entire field of geological science. We recognize that you probably have had no formal instruction in geology. Polls show that nearly all of you have taken high school biology, 85% or more have had chemistry, and similarly for physics. We will draw upon certain elementary concepts in these other sciences, and they will be reviewed when they are dis- cussed in GEO 303. Mathematics in this course will consist of simple arithmetic. Geology draws heavily from these other disciplines.
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Syllabus_Fall_Blackboard - GENERAL INFORMATION GEOLOGY 303,...

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