Quiz #2 - Quiz # 2 Subject: Date: Student: Introduction to...

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Quiz # 2 Subject: Introduction to Audit Date: Student: 1. Describe the role of the SEC in society and discuss its relationship with and influence on the practice of auditing. The purpose of the Securities and Exchange Commission is to assist in providing investors with reliable information upon which to make investment decisions. Since most reasonably large CPA firms have clients that must file reports with the SEC each year (all companies filing registration statements under the securities acts of l933 and l934 must file audited financial statements and other reports with the SEC at least once each year), the profession is highly involved with the SEC requirements. The SEC has considerable influence in setting generally accepted accounting principles and disclosure requirements for financial statements because of its authority for specifying reporting requirements considered necessary for fair disclosure to investors. In addition, the SEC has power to establish rules for any CPA associated with audited financial statements submitted to the Commission.
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2. What roles are played by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for its members? The AICPA is the organization that sets professional requirements for CPAs. The AICPA also conducts research and publishes materials on many different subjects related to accounting, auditing, management advisory services, and taxes. The organization also prepares and grades the CPA examinations, provides continuing education to its members, and develops specialty designations to help 3. What is meant by the term quality control as it relates to a CPA firm? Quality controls are the procedures used by a CPA firm that help it meet
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Quiz #2 - Quiz # 2 Subject: Date: Student: Introduction to...

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