Outline Ch.3

Outline Ch.3 - 1 Performance – Measured by the outcomes 2...

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Date: 10.03.2010 “Skills Approach” (outline) By Giorgi Khergiani 1. Katz’s Three-Skills Approach a) Technical Skills – Proficiency, competency in a particular working area. b) Interpersonal (Human) Skills – Proficiency in communicating with people. c) Conceptual Skills – Thinking through and working with ideas. 2. Leadership Skills Model a) Individual Attributes i) General Cognitive Ability – Intelligence, which grows with the age and then declines. ii) Crystallized Cognitive Ability – Intelligence which grows from experience. iii) Motivation. 1) Must want to lead. 2) Must be willing to exert influence. 3) Must be willing to advance the “social good”. 4) Personality – Traits. b) Leader Competencies 1) Knowledge 2) Problem-solving Skills 3) Social Judgement Skills c) Leadership Outcomes
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Unformatted text preview: 1) Performance – Measured by the outcomes 2) Effective Problem Solving d) Career Experiences – Affecting individual attributes and leader competencies e) Environmental Influences – Affecting individual attributes, leader competencies and leadership outcomes 3. Strengths of the Skills Approach a) It stresses the importance of developing several leadership skills. b) It is intuitively appealing; it makes leadership available to everyone. c) It incorporates wide variety of components and it is very consistent with leadership education programs. 4. Criticisms of the Skills Approach a) It is going beyond the boundaries of leadership. b) It is weak in predictive value. c) It includes trait like components. d) It can’t be generalized....
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Outline Ch.3 - 1 Performance – Measured by the outcomes 2...

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