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Components of the 201 Course Presentations - - Relating the...

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Components of the 201 Course Oral Presentations - 10% of the Final Grade Students should each give a presentation to tell the class about their research findings. Presen then allow at least five minutes for questions and answers. It is a good idea to tell students tha their presentation is well prepared, and also so that they keep to the time limit. Students shoul PowerPoint, YouTube videos, video excerpts, maps and charts, and so on. When students present to the class they should think explicitly about: The content of what they say Their delivery of that content Their ability to address questions from the audience Content:  Students should be mindful of:
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Unformatted text preview: - Relating the findings to the Theoretical Framework as a means of analysis- Providing evidence- Skillfully using visual aids or technology Delivery: Students should be aware of communicating clearly to their audience, which sh- Having good eye contact- Speaking sufficiently loudly and clearly, and articulating material coherently- Moving around rather than being too 'wooden'- Being well organised, so that the presentation is easy to follow Answering Questions: Students should:- Demonstrate expertise - Address the questions with courtesy and interest...
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