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Lecture 23 12-02-10

Systemic blood flow is equal in blood pulmonary and

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Unformatted text preview: Blood flow is equal in Blood pulmonary and systemic circulation. In other words, right ventricular C.O. = left ventricular C.O. left Circuits of the Cardiovascular System – Pulmonary circuit • Supplied by right side of heart • Blood vessels from heart to lungs and from lungs to heart Series Blood Flow Between the Two Series Between – Systemic circuit • Supplied by left side of heart • Blood vessels from heart to systemic tissues and from tissues to heart Sequence and Direction of Flow in the Heart Sequence Systemic (or Pulmonary) Circuit – Aorta arteries arterioles capillaries – Capillaries venules veins – Oxygenated blood Parallel Blood Flow Within the Parallel Within enters each systemic capillary bed – Parallel flow allows independent regulation of blood flow to organs...
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