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EE 643 Exam #1 Autumn 2010 – Mon. Oct. 25, 2010 The exam will be open book and closed notes . The material covered in the exam will generally be based on topics discussed in class and principles illustrated in the homework, with a lesser emphasis on material assigned but not covered in class discussion. Chap. 1 – Magnetic Circuits and Magnetic Materials 1. Intro. – basic relationships -- should know 2. Additional basic relationships for flux, inductance & energy 3. Properties of Magnetic Materials – B-H curve 4. AC Excitation – core loss information [also, App. D.1] 5. Permanent magnets 6. Application of Permanent Magnets Chap. 2 – Transformers Basically material related to magnetic circuit phenomena associated with transformers will be covered, not steady state circuit analysis as in to the transformer problem on Hmwk. #1 Chap. 3 –Electromechanical Energy Conversion Principles 1. Basic relationships 2. Energy balance 3. Singly excited system – determine inductance & energy stored in the magnetic field
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