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ECE 643 H5_au10 - ECE 643 Homework #5 due Wed. Nov. 10....

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 643 Homework #5 due Wed. Nov. 10. 2010 1. Consider the 3 induction machine of Prob. 6.10, page 351 of the text. With the machine operating at a slip of 2%, answer the questions of Prob. 6.1 for this machine [obviously, the answer to (a) is given – i.e., 2%]. 2. (counts as 2 problems) Also for the machine of Prob. 6.10, plot the following, using as motor mode of operation as positive; consider a range of slip from 10% to ‐10%: Output torque (in N*m) vs speed in rpm Shaft power (in kW) vs speed in rpm Magnitude (rms) of input current vs speed in rpm Power factor at input vs speed in rpm [indicate lead & lag as appropriate] Efficiency vs speed in rpm. Note: consider both the rotational losses and the core losses as part of the electro‐mechanical power term; thus for a motor, Pout = Pem – Protational – Pcore. ...
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