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Gabriela Mejia Per 6. 2-17-11 In Lord Of The Flies, Jack undergoes a transformation as he converts into an overly obsessed hunter, from previously being solely a choir leader. His main priorities shift from the idea of survival, to acquiring meat at any cost. He directs all of his focus towards hunting and in doing so, adjusts ‘seek rescue’ to the bottom of his goal list. Jack’s obsession with bloodshed leads him to reeling in the littluns, as they become accomplices of his brutal actions. He takes them on his hunting quests, and along the way they witness his enthrallment in the whole situation and they too become equally intrigued. At one point, Jack finally achieved his goal in slaughtering a pig, then later seeks Ralph to boast, as the littluns loudly chanted, “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood” (69). What Jack was not cognizant of, was that in pursuing his main goal, getting meat, he let down Ralph by allowing the fire to diminish as a ship coincidentally became
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Unformatted text preview: visible. Jack’s high devotion to hunting leads him to believe that the idea of meat is much more superior than any other ideas any one obtained. Even the idea of shelters became buried in the back of Jack’s mind. In modern day, we constantly see Jack’s behavior amongst the homeless. Instead of them worrying when they will have their next warm and satisfying meal, most worry on when they will get their next shot of alcohol. One would assume that a homeless person would much rather prefer saving up money for three meals a day, however, most focus their priorities on getting substances that will solely do harm to their body, such as drugs and alcohol. Therefore, Jack is in the process of converting into a full-fledged savage, just as the homeless portray similar behavior with what they seek instead of recovery....
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