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BIOL. 1305 – Spring 2011 (CRN# 22530) Study Questions Chapter 3: Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Lipids 1. Enzymes are a. DNA. b. lipids. c. carbohydrates. d. proteins. e. amino acids. 2. Which of the following statements about proteins is true? a. They are insoluble in water. b. They are the structural units of glycogen. c. They possess glycosidic linkages between amino acids. d. Some function as enzymes. e. They are involved in information storage. 3. Aspartate and glutamate are highly soluble in water; therefore, they a. are hydrophobic. b. have sulfur atoms in their side chains. c. have electrically charged side chains. d. are nonpolar. e. form only left-hand isomers. 4. Amino acids can be classified by the a. number of monosaccharides they contain. b. number of carbon–carbon double bonds in their fatty acids. c. number of peptide bonds they can form. d. number of disulfide bridges they can form. e. characteristics of their side chains, or “R” groups. 5. Peptide chains have a(n) _______ and a(n) _______ end. a. start; stop b. +; – c. N terminus; C terminus d. 5´; 3´ e. A; Z 6. An amino acid that is small enough to fit into tight corners of protein molecules is a. proline. b. glycine. c. cysteine. d. asparagine. e. glutamine. 7. The amino acids of the protein keratin are arranged in a helix. This secondary structure is stabilized by a. covalent bonds. b. peptide bonds. c. glycosidic linkages. d. polar bonds. e. hydrogen bonds. 8. The tertiary structure of a protein is determined by its a. interactions among R groups. b. right-handed coil. c. hydrogen bonding. d. branching.
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Study%20Questions-Chapter-3-1 - BIOL. 1305 Spring 2011...

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