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workers and haitians public

workers and haitians public - goal feel like we have them...

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Male and female/ ages 20-70 Caring, passionate, hardworking / need help, scared, brokenhearted Mad, sad, betrayed, hopeless, They feel like injustice was done to them. Betrayed, doubtful, untrusting, hurt, angry Angry relief workers or sorrowful Haitians The workers may quit or rally against the organization. Remain loyal to working for us, trust that we are working towards our ultimate
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Unformatted text preview: goal, feel like we have them as our top priority. • Because they feel like we aren’t going to use their donations properly. • They need to feel like we as an organization is transparent in all we do. Like they can see where their money goes to and feel like because of our organization, we are making a difference in the world....
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