Microeconomics Exam #3 Review

Microeconomics Exam #3 Review - Pure competition graphs...

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Microeconomics Exam #3 Review 33 multiple-choice questions 9 questions from chapter 8 8 questions from chapter 9 8 questions from chapter 10 8 questions from chapter 10 Topics to review Accounting/economic profit Marginal product Marginal returns Total/variable/ fixed cost Average total/variable/fixed cost Cost curve graphs Long run cost curves (plant sizes) Economies of scale Pure competition characteristics Profit maximization/loss minimization calculations
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Unformatted text preview: Pure competition graphs Economic profit/normal profit/loss/Shutdown points Long run economic profits and shifts in demand Long run supply curves for different types of industries Barriers to entry Elasticity and monopoly demand Monopoly graph Monopoly profits Price discrimination Regulation Monopolistic competition characteristics Monopolistic competition graph/profit maximization Excess capacity Oligopoly Dominant strategy...
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