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Q#2 lq 15 - EH3 Bl——H Elr CH3(3 Using the W5 notation...

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Unformatted text preview: EH3 . Bl——H Elr CH3 (3) Using the W5 notation, write the IUPAC name for the moiecuie above. Reminder: when there are 2 sterementers, do something like (4R,6S]4,67dimethyldecane. (2R,3R}-2,3—dihmmohutane V (b) Using the wedgefdash tooi. draw the structure of the mirror image in the editor of the mofecuie whose Fischer projection is given above. Make sure each chiral carbon has two stick bonds. Make sure you use ruils‘i‘ic angles when using wedge/clash bands iike those shown in 111: Top now below. [email protected]@](C)(BFJ[[email protected][H] ._Ope13.-.$ME Editm ...
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