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Unformatted text preview: PSY 350 PSY Child Psychology Introduction to Human Introduction Development Development 8/30/10 Outline Outline “Wild Boy of Aveyron” Developmental Science Periods of Development Domains of Development Contexts of Development Historical Beliefs About Children & Historical Childhood Childhood Central Issues of Developmental Science “Wild Boy of Aveyron” 1800s French Province of Aveyron Young boy, about 12 years of age, begged for Young food in village food Had previously been spotted digging roots, Had climbing trees, swimming, & running on all fours fours Boy did not appear to be civilized Tore off clothes Refused to eat meat Indifferent to human voices Only made sounds (did not speak a traditional Only language) language) Govt. commissioner concluded that he had lived alone since early childhood in the forest; no real human contact the Interest in him grew; Became known as Interest “Wild Boy of Aveyron” “Wild Jean-Marc Itard, physician, disputed Jean-Marc notion that boy’s strange behavior was sign of mental retardation sign Instead suggested that isolation from Instead civilized society had prevented normal development development Itard wanted to prove theory that social environment has power to shape child development development Took charge of boy’s care Named him Victor Set up experiments in order to teach him Set French lang., how to communicate, reason, categorize objects, etc. reason, Itard’s work with Victor (over 5 years) Itard’s Made rapid progress initially Learned to communicate simple needs Could recognize & write simple words Learned to use chamber pot Developed affection for caregivers Despite obvious progress, Victor Despite remained unable to speak or interact with others ‘normally’ with Experiment with Victor abandoned Why the interest in this case? Why Unanswered question: what factors Unanswered prevented Victor from developing normally? normally? Itard: Victor normal at birth, but social Itard: isolation stunted his development isolation Were Itard’s teaching methods insufficient (i.e., could another method have shown better progress)? have Raised fundamental questions Raised regarding human nature & development: development: To what extent is dev. determined from To birth? birth? What role do early experiences play in What shaping dev? shaping Can negative experiences be undone? Developmental Science Developmental Def: field of study that focuses on Def: physical, intellectual, social, & emotional changes that children undergo from moment of conception onward onward Two primary goals: Understand how basic biological & cultural Understand processes shape our development processes Create effective methods for maintaining Create children’s health & well-being children’s More on Dev. Science More Developmentalist: someone who contributes someone to the field of child development to Work in a number of fields including schools, Work child-care centers, clinics, hospitals, etc. child-care Knowledge & research comes from a variety of Knowledge fields including psychology, sociology, biology, anthropology, linguistics, neuroscience anthropology, Interdisciplinary field: ...
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