13 learned to chew solid food table manners how

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Unformatted text preview: ted by her father shortly after Locked 2nd birthday up to age 13 Learned to chew solid food, table manners, how Learned to express emotions, etc. to However, lang. development never achieved However, normal levels of dev. Never learned to ask a real question or to form Never a proper negative sentence proper Participation in normal social environment is Participation essential to the process of language acquisition essential Language-Deprived Environments Deaf children born to deaf parents who Deaf communicate in sign lang. acquire lang. at least as rapidly as hearing children w/ hearing parents parents Deaf children whose parents refuse to use sign Deaf lang. will often develop gestures in “home sign”, communication through pantomime communication Research indicates “home signs” show similar Research characteristics of lang. & serve similar functions (e.g., communicate needs) functions Basic Domains of Lang. Acquisition Acquisition Lang. is a system; each domain is Lang. connected to all of the others connected Four domains of lang. acquisition: Phonological Development Semantic Development Grammar Pragmatic Development Phonological Development Phonological Process through which children Process acquire knowledge of how to se...
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