G throwing bits of styrofoam into the air eg shouting

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Unformatted text preview: hing it usually refers to and some other, unrelated thing some E.g., throwing bits of Styrofoam into the air & E.g., shouting “Snow!” shouting Grammar Grammar Some evidence that children possess grasp Some of grammatical rules early on in their language dev., in studies that ask children to interpret grammatically correct sentences using nonsense words using Shown pictures of duck & bunny interacting Told that the duck is “gorping” the bunny (or vice Told versa) versa) Looked longer at picture where duck was acting Looked on the bunny (duck is active agent, bunny is the object being acted upon) object Grammar (cont.) Grammar Syntactic bootstrapping: process of process using grammar to learn the meaning of new words new Learning meaning of the word “gorp” in Learning the study the Pragmatic Development Pragmatic Process of learning the social & Process cultural conventions that govern how lang. is used in particular contexts lang. I.e., saying the wrong thing at the wrong I.e., time time Pragmatic Development (cont.) Pragmatic Conversational acts: actions to achieve actions goals performed through lang. & gesture gesture Protoimperatives: early ways of engaging early another person to achieve a desired goal another E.g., holding a cup & saying “more” to get a E.g., refill refill Protodeclaratives: ways of establishing Protodeclaratives: joint attention & sustaining a dialogue joint E.g., Pointing to a dog & saying “doggie”...
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