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Extra Credit (Optional) Research Paper Up to 5 points DUE: No later than Thursday, December 9, 2010 in class No late papers will be accepted No papers via email will be accepted. Synthesize the data collected from the online survey (see document attached to this assignment on Blackboard). You are to write a research paper examining how the findings from the survey can be used to explain communication between faculty and students and discuss suggestions for how faculty-student communication can be
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Unformatted text preview: improved. You must refer to and discuss the data in your paper. You do not need to address all of the data, just any portion(s) that you relate to the topic. You should have at least two scientific articles discussed and cited in your paper. You must have a reference page listing your sources in APA style. You MUST attach a copy of each of your scientific articles that you cite in your paper. Your paper should be double-spaced and no longer than 3 pages....
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