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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Evolution Paper 1 Evolution Paper Technology has come a long way since the first computer hit the market. Microsoft, as of the present time, carries cell phones that are capable of doing most of what can be done on a laptop, in the palm of our hands. With technology evolving daily there is an enormous amount of room for profit. In the technological world companies are constantly competing for the top position and all are challenged daily to create the best products and separate themselves from the rest, and to be the leader in technology. Three of the leading players in the industry which are also constantly competing against each other are Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Out of the top Fifty most admired companies overall, Google ranks number two, with Amazon as number seven, and Microsoft at number nine (CNN, 2011). Microsoft is known for its many products some of which are, Windows Vista, Microsoft SQL, Windows Live, Microsoft office, and the X-box 360 gaming system. Windows vista is an operating system for laptops, desktops, and tablets. Microsoft SQL is a server that helps with file organization and establishing. Windows live is a web page where an individual account is set up and commonly used with the Xbox video game console. Microsoft office is an operating system; within that system is Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to name a few. Although many may say that Google is the king of search Microsoft is trying to take part of that market share with its BING search engine. BING is a new search engine created by Microsoft. Microsoft has much more experience in the office applications marketplace than Google, noticeably, so clients on the hedge may choose to go with Microsoft at this time that Google’s worth advantage has
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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Evolution Paper 2 been nearly reduced. The three different companies bring in their billions from different taps they will not be a threat to one another anytime soon. is the leader in ecommerce. The three biggest ecommerce companies are
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Amazon+Paper+EDITED - Evolution Paper 1...

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