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ENGR 111-804,5,6 Alternate Rollers Fall, 2009 Class, Here is some info from a couple of slides that I ran out of time to show. On test 1, there may be a truss with supports that look slightly different from what you saw in class. 1. Vertical roller: FBD: 2. Angled roller (could be any angle): The horizontal component is A cos(angle) and the vertical component is A sin(angle).
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Unformatted text preview: Solution is possible with three equations because the angle is known, The variables to be solved for using the three equilibrium equations are A, Ex and Ey. FBD: A B C D E 3.000N 60 o 60 o A B C D E 3.000N Ex Ey Ax 60 o 60 o A B C D E 3.000N 60 o 60 o A B C D E 3.000N Ex Ey 0.707 A 60 o 60 o 45.00 0.707 A...
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