01 - based on the music video • simple dance...

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MUS 15 - Jpop Culture Readings from the course constitutes for 50% of the course materials Grade o 40% - session (40 points) o 30% - midterm (30 points) o 30% - final (30 points) Midterm and final consist of 20 multiple choice questions and 2 essay questions Before the exams, a study guide is given with theme and vocabulary Idoru-pop example : MORNING MUSUME (daughter) o based on the above picture, pink symbolizes: innocence feminine (girly) childish cute youthful age: 12-23 facial expressions: happy, smiley o not expected to be the best singers o concept: singer and fan relations
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their fans are young teens and middle aged to old men their images connects to their fans as “friends” they talk about their imperfections and wanting to improve themselves with the help of their fans o music video : Kimagure Princess
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Unformatted text preview: based on the music video, • simple dance routine (childish dance moves) • easy melody • costumes: o all the girls wear the same costume o cowboy hates o Russian folk dance • expressions: blank • lyrics: mixed messages are sent (sexy and mature) • no other characters in female music video o aka no attractive male because they want to create an intimate relationship with the male fans • group identity, no individual identity Comic-pop • example : YAZIMA BEAUTY SALON o concept: Japanese vocal group consisting of DJ Ozma and the owarai group Tunnels in character and in drag depicting a group of women they found scouting for talent in Las Vegas, Nevada o kabuki : traditional performance Because female performers provoked eroticism, young and old males played female roles...
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01 - based on the music video • simple dance...

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