05 - Todays Topics Hip Hop o o characteristics racial...

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Today’s Topics: Hip Hop o characteristics o racial authenticity Hip Hop Culture in Japan o global vs. local o arrival o subculture - mainstream o issues Japanism/Japanese essentialism (Nihonjinron) Western/White racialism Hip Hop Culture voice of/from the marginalized o African America, Afro-Caribbean, and Latino American communities o South Bronz, New York City in the 1970s new ways of “positive” expression for youth multicultural form - elements of Hip Hop o rap, djing, graffiti, break-dance, fashion, and slang MV: 2Pac - “Life Goes On” (1996) o conventional Hip Hop video o elements: street scenes with graffiti drinking scenes fashion style: chucky jewelry and timberland boots general criticism (early stage) o drugs, weapons, misogyny, and violence
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o different from heavy metal? blackness as authentic o inauthentic races = non-black White Hispanic Asian/Asian American o (politically, economically, racially) marginalized - try to protect the industry by marginalizing others MV: Eminem - “Lose Yourself” (2002) o not brightness or positives o he showed angry emotion MV: Eminem - “I Love the Way You Lie” (2010) o personal theme that the audience can relate to o it is “sing-a-longable” - past Hip Hop versus now Hip Hop o Content change - latest Hip Hop the stories in the music is more personal; where as, in the past, the stories were about the economy - vague issues - Hip Hop gave youth a way to express their angry and violence in art form positive impact - Hip Hop language. Remember the elements of Hip Hop. -
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05 - Todays Topics Hip Hop o o characteristics racial...

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