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Quiz5A - Quiz 5A DL SEC Grade Last name first name First...

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Quiz 5A DL SEC _ _ Grade: 05/17/10 Last 6 digits of student ID _ _ _ _ _ _ Last name, first name: ________________ ________________ First three letters of your last name _ _ _ Useful formulae: Δ U TOT = Q + W; U TOT = E th + E bond + E nuclear + ...; W = P dV PV = nRT (ideal gas); C v = c vm #moles ; c vm = ½ k b N A #modes/molecule ; k b N A = R = 8.31 J/(K mol) 1. (55%) Sae Woo has two containers with a fixed piston, so that the volume is also fixed. The two containers are both separately thermally insulated. In one container there is solid copper (Cu), in the other there is nitrogen, a diatomic gas (N 2 ). The containers are both at room temperature (hint: room temperature is considered a low temperature, when it comes to the activation of vibrational modes in gases). a) At room temperature , list the number of modes per molecule for the N 2 , and how many modes per atom for the Cu, and specify which kind of modes they are, such as PE or KE, translational or... etc.).
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