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Rudolph question

Rudolph question - secretly analyzed all of the families...

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SNP R C 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 CS A AT AT AA TT AA AT AT AA TT AA AA B CG GG CG GG GG CG GG GG CG CG CG C CC GG GG CG GG GG CG CG CG GG GG D AA AC AC AA CC AA AC AA CC AA AC E TT GG TG TG TG TG TG TG TG TG TG F AG AG AG AA AG AA GG AG AG GG AG Thanks to Yukon Cornelius and Herme the Elfen Dentist, Rudolph and Clarice were yet again able to hook back up and start a family. Primarily because of how darn cute Rudolph was. Santa doesn’t like biofuels and wants to breed an entire herd of Red Nosed reindeer so that he could utilize their red noses to generate electricity. So Santa
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Unformatted text preview: secretly analyzed all of the families DNA using five different Reindeer SNPs (A through F). Shown below are these Rudolph (R) and Clarice(c) and their family pedigree with 8 kids. For the figure, red = red nosed reindeer. For all questions use the letters to the left of the SNPs to refer to them and the numbers for the kids. Rudolph and Clarice...
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