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Study questions Chapter 1

Study questions Chapter 1 - NPB 102 Animal Behavior Study...

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1 NPB 102, Animal Behavior Study questions for Chapter 1 Winter 2011 1. What were Niko Tinbergen’s “four questions” about behavior? Which of each of the four questions do the different components of the “levels of analysis” correspond to? 2. What is Tinbergen’s “Zeroth Question” and why is it important? 3. What relatively unusual feature of prairie vole biology has made this species particularly interesting to study from the standpoint of the neural basis of complex behavior? 4. What are V1a receptors, what are V1aR genes, and what significance do they each appear to play in mating behavior of prairie voles? How does the V1aR gene of male prairie and male montane voles differ, and what is thought to be the significance of this difference? 5. Provide one explanation for monogamy in male prairie voles at each of the 4 levels of analysis (i.e., answering each of Tinbergen’s four questions). 6.
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