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Study Questions Chapter 4 - NPB 102 Animal Behavior Winter...

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1 NPB 102, Animal Behavior Winter 2011 Study questions for Chapter 4 1. Define each of the following terms, and describe their conceptual importance to understanding how nervous systems generate behavior: sign stimulus, releaser, fixed action pattern, super-normal stimulus, innate releasing mechanism. Describe in general terms how each of the above terms is or is not relevant to learned or highly plastic behaviors. 2. Describe examples illustrating how some species use simple chemical substances and complex chemical cocktails to manipulate behavior of other species. 3. Describe how a very simple neural circuit possessed by noctuid moths allows these animals to determine very specific and important features of the threat posed by hunting bats. To answer this fully you should discuss how the moth can make appropriate behavioral decisions based on how far away the bat is and what direction it is from the moth, and you should discuss both the sensory cell responses involved and the resulting behaviors. 4. Identify whether each of the following statements about the responses of noctuid moths to bats refer most directly to ultimate or to proximate causes of behavior: a. Firing of the A1 receptor cells induce the moth to turn away from an approaching, but distant, bat. b. A1 and A2 receptor cells are found in a number of different closely-related moth species, all of which are hunted by bats. c. The A1 receptor cells are tuned to pulsed sounds (as opposed to continuous tones), so the moth behavior also changes most dramatically in response to pulsed sounds even if continuous tones are in the correct frequency range. d. The A2 receptor cells fire only when exposed to a very loud sound. 5.
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Study Questions Chapter 4 - NPB 102 Animal Behavior Winter...

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