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Study questions: Social Behavior NPB 102, Winter 2011 1. Describe the benefits and costs that an individual who lives in a group receives as they relate to the following topics. It would also be good to be able to think of examples of each: a. predation b. disease/parasites c. foraging d. reproduction/reproductive interference e. decision making 2. Explain what each of the following benefits of group living means (i.e. a 1 sentence definition/explanation). Then decide whether each is likely to be a primary selective factor leading to the evolution of group living or a secondary benefit gained by individuals after they’ve already been living in groups. Some of these benefits could potentially be either primary selective forces or secondary benefits, depending on the situation. Hypothesize about a scenario that would support the benefit being a primary selective force and then hypothesize about how it could be a secondary benefit. a. allogrooming in primates b. honeybees heating up the hive to ward off fungal infection c. predator confusion d. predator mobbing by crows or CA ground squirrels e. alarm calling for specific predators (i.e. different calls for different predators) f. social facilitation of foraging (i.e. public information/information center) in ospreys or cliff swallows g. active communication about where to find food (e.g. honeybee round and waggle dances) h. dilution of risk i. gaining extra pair matings j. “more eyes” defense against predation k. infanticide l. group hunting in lions m. communal bubble net foraging in humpback whales n. improved decision making in ant groups 3. Describe the difference between individual and group selection hypotheses. Explain why we mostly think about the benefits and costs of group living at individual level selection.
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social behavior study questions -...

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