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Key aspects of fundraising: 1. Consider the cost - If you decide to make it a public fundraising event, think about cost, sponsorship, and participation. An example would be a car wash, which is a very common fundraiser for youth groups and clubs. Cost would include soap, washcloths, and use of a facility to hold the event at. Sponsorship could come in the form of a local retailer who is willing to let you use their premises and water for the event, and possibly help with advertising. Participation is getting the members of your club or group to be at the location, willing to work, as well as having them help spread the word prior to the event. A BIG THING TO SUCCESS IN FUNDRAISING IS THE ABILITY TO ELIMINATE COST THROUGH DONATIONS SO THAT EVERYTHING THAT IS COLLECTED AT THE EVENT IS 100% TO THE CAUSE! 2. Picking a Time and Date - Carwashes, cookouts, and yard sales are more profitable and enjoyable in good weather, so they may not be suitable for mid winter or the middle of summer in very hot locations. Attendance will be higher on Saturdays, but look at the
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