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Module 4 Concept Exercise: Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities ii) A bike shop rents mountain bikes for a $8.50 insurance charge plus $3.50 for each hour. For how many hours can a person rent a bike with $32.50. (1) Part A : Solve the above problem using any methods, concepts, and procedures learned in this module. All work must be shown and completed in an equation editor. The problem here is simple: 8.50+3.50x=32.50 Subtract 8.50 from both sides to give you 3.50x= 24 Divide each side by 3.50 so that x is left by itself: x= 48/7 or 6.857hrs (2) Part B : Write a 250-word summary of the above problem. Your written work should include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following: an explanation of the problem, a
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Unformatted text preview: review of the mathematical concepts involved, a critique of the method used to obtain the solution, and an interpretation of the answer. Your summary should be written in APA format, demonstrate proper use of the English language, and be mathematically precise. In this problem, you are trying to find how many hours you can rent a bike once you pay 8.50 for insurance from your budget of 32.50. The method would be to attempt to isolate x in the equation 3.50x+8.50=32.50, where 3.50 equals the price per hour, 8.50 is the insurance and 32.50 is your total budget. To solve subtract 8.50 from each side, then divide your left over budget by 3.50 to leave you x=48/7 or 6.857hrs....
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