The Jurassic Zoo charges

The Jurassic Zoo - 28.00(51 12.00(203)=3864.00 51 adults and 203 children attend the trip to the zoo equaling 254 total people The equation is

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The Jurassic Zoo charges $28.00 for each adult admission and $12.00 for each child. The total bill for 254 people from a school trip was $3864.00. How many adults and how many children went to the zoo? . + . = . 28 00x 12 00y 3864 00
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Unformatted text preview: 28.00(51)+12.00(203)=3864.00 51 adults and 203 children attend the trip to the zoo, equaling 254 total people. The equation is fairly simple, set it up as (a)x+(b)y=n. From here is simply solved and substituted....
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