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DQ 5 - How is ethics and ethical behavior apparent in...

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How is ethics and ethical behavior apparent in corporate culture? What is the relationship between law, values, and ethical behavior? How do these work in unison to ensure business success? Are there times when law, values, and ethical behavior may not work in unison? In a corporate setting ethics can be seen when the leadership of a corporation portrays the core values of the company in their behavior. The behavior and direction of a company starts form the top and works down through board members, managers, all the way down to the basic blue collar workers. When the leadership of a company leads the way with good ethical behavior the entire corporation will follow suit and portray these same ethics. The relationship between laws, values and ethical behavior depends on the ethics of the person in question. Values which a person holds will directly shape their ethics. I am a religious person, having religious values my ethics are shaped around my beliefs. Law comes into the picture and for me my values and ethics follow in line with the laws of our country.
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