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DQ7 - employment much thought when they are first signed on...

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Give an example of one government employee law that you think people may take advantage of and how people take advantage of it. I believe that the most abused employee law is workers compensation because both sides take advantages and cut corners. The two sides of workers comp are the employee and the insurance company. The employee has the ability to exaggerate an injury to get more money/time from a claim. The insurance company can decline coverage that is needed if “enough proof” isn’t provided. Although workers’ compensation insurance is believed to improve working conditions and provide economic safety nets for workers and their families, it is criticized for restricting an employee’s right to seek legal action against employers for negligence which effectively reduces liability of said employers and insurance companies as well. If you do get injured on the job, should you be compelled to accept your employer’s checks for workers’ compensation? Should you accept it? That’s your call. Most employees don’t give this aspect of their
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Unformatted text preview: employment much thought when they are first signed on. That’s fine. Just remember to evaluate it carefully, consider your options before accepting payment and/or consult your lawyer when or if you actually get injured. Employees on the other hand, gain an economic safety net not otherwise available to them. Accidents that leave a worker permanently disabled or dead greatly impacts economic resources of their families; legal battles are expensive and most workers’ are unable to afford it. In cases they do, judgments are often in favor of employers with rulings ordering minimal payments. In most cases, accepting workers’ compensation insurance saves workers the hassle of lawsuits and gives them and their families a way to pay medical bills and restart their lives. Reference: http://www.workmans-compensation.org/index.html Do you believe that workers' compensation programs are effective methods to handle the substantial cost of workplace injuries? Why or why not?...
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DQ7 - employment much thought when they are first signed on...

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