History 1 - Native American Culture Running Head Native...

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Native American Culture 1 Running Head: Native American Culture Allen Brown January 9, 2010 Native American Culture
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Native American Culture 2 Historians believe that Native Americans came to this continent around, anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 years ago. In this time, people spread, societies grew, and population began to erupt. Over time the different groups set themselves apart from others by having different languages, rituals, traditions and practices. But through all the vast differences Native American societies were similar, sharing a lot of ideas overtime, societies commonly were divided socially through kinship, bloodlines and marriage. This would go on to shape governments, economics, and religious order. Though the idea of kinship was similar among many societies of Native Americans, there were a vast amount of forms that these systems followed, with regulations that controlled; marriages, relationships with in-laws, and even the location in which a family would reside after marriage. In some societies, such as the Cheyenne of the Great Plains, “land usage rights and even participation rights into political systems and stemmed from the father of a family.” (Ruvolo, 1994) In societies such as the Pueblo, the membership to such things stemmed from the mother’s lineage and family ties. “Other societies mainly those in the northern areas such as Canada expanded the family ties to include aunts, uncles and cousins. This inclusion allowed the membership to the select groups to grow and be open to most people in a society. Many native
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History 1 - Native American Culture Running Head Native...

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