History 7 - KING COTTON 1 Running head KING COTTON Allen...

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KING COTTON 1 Running head: KING COTTON Allen Brown February 18 th 2010 HIS 103 American History Pre 1877
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KING COTTON 2 King Cotton Seeking a life line to keep pace with the vastly growing industries of the north the southern states turned to cotton and they were quickly rewarded. As the need for cotton grew around the world the south became major power players in the trade industry. Once the demand became so great the southern states were able to command “cotton diplomacy”, thus forcing foreign country to aid them in the civil war. It made sense to the southerners that they would be able to use their cotton as leverage, more than three-fourths of the cotton being used in Europe was being shipped from the southern states, meaning that in some way four-fifths of the population in both England and France relied heavily on the imported cotton. With the southern states understanding just how important and powerful their cotton production was both nationally and internationally it have great impact on both the economy and on cultural society. Cotton was a booming empire; it allowed the southern states to
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History 7 - KING COTTON 1 Running head KING COTTON Allen...

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