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History Matrix - Education and culture • Post...

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Factors Effecting Development Virginia New England Political Promoted the idea of slavery as a way of growth. Government was based heavily on working economy. Wanted to limit slavery to the states in which it was already occurring. Government was based heavily on religion and biblical principles. Religious Southern Colonies were settled largely for profit and monetary gain. Believed that “things” along with people belong to God. Southern colonist believed that salvation came through faith. Northern Colonies were settled mainly by Puritans seeking freedom from religious oppression. Puritans viewed possessions as Evil. North Colonist believed that faith was only achieved through knowledge and works.
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Social Southern Colonies were based on economics and production. Post Revolutionar y War Northern Colonies became the heart of Industry. Southern Colonies used slavery as a backbone for economic growth. Northern Colonies were centers for
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Unformatted text preview: Education and culture. • Post Revolutionar y War the southern colonies focused on agriculture leading to mass slavery and eventually the Civil War. • Majority of Northern Colonist were generally opposed to slavery. There are many contributing factors to the different ways in which the northern and the southern colonies were developed. This matrix will provide a small glimpse into the political, religious and social factors that were there in the beginning and a short time after the colonies began to develop. The matrix above outlines some of the major influences that effected the development of the northern and southern colonies and shows how the colonies were different in beliefs and ideals. Politically the northern colonies were built on religion while in the south the colonies were developed mainly for economic reasons. These same political structures affected both religion and society through purpose and economics....
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History Matrix - Education and culture • Post...

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