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Pueblo Revolt - out with a quick strike but did not...

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The Pueblo revolt was the result of un-trust on the behalf of the Natives and the lack of understanding by the Spanish settlers who were pressing there on agenda. The Natives were never very accepting of the Spanish settlers, which was a fair assessment considering some Spanish troops would move into new territory pillaging and killing everyone in their path. The Spanish had their own agenda, religious conversion and wealth gain. The un-trust met with the lack of understanding by the Spaniards lead to the arrest of 43 natives accused of witchcraft, which they were actually just medicine men. Four were hanged; the other 39 were whipped and imprisoned. Upon release the seed of anger had been planted and began to sprout, one of the imprisoned men gathered support and launched the revolt. The natives drove the Spanish settlers
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Unformatted text preview: out with a quick strike but did not continue the pursuit, within ten years the Spanish settlers were back but did not reestablish there governing ways over the area. Otermin was on the outside looking in. He learned of the revolt only one day before and did not fully understand the situation. As the revolt developed the rebels gave Otermin a choice of either peace or war; presenting two flags a white one representing peace and a red one representing war. Otermin attempted to persuasively talk the rebels to a peaceful resolve but the time for talking had so Otermin told the rebels to stop the pillaging or he would insist on sending troops to push the Pueblo out of the area. The rebels continued to push and eventually drove Otermin and his followers out of the area....
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