The Abolitionist Movement

The Abolitionist Movement - “You must be the change you...

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The Abolitionist Movement [I will write my research paper on the Abolitionist Movement because I am interested in learning more about the people and steps that were taken to abolish slavery. I have always wondered how “overtime” something that was widely accepted could then be condemned and viewed as unchristian. The idea of slavery came to America in 1492, with Columbus and lasted until 1865 when congress passed the 13 th amendment, 372 years to realize that men, of all color are equal.](Original) To narrowly focus on one subject I choose, William Lloyd Garrison, editor of the Liberator and founder of the American Anti-Slavery Society. I would like to research the steps in which Garrison took to becoming a forefront leader in the Abolitionist movement and what if any lasting affects his life work cast.
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Unformatted text preview: “You must be the change you want to see in your life.” This quote, from Gandhi, embodied William Lloyd Garrison’s desire for change. “I do not wish to think, or speak, or write, with moderation. I am in earnest, I will not equivocate, I will not excuse, I will not retreat a single inch, AND I WILL BE HEARD." This was the first line of the first edition of The Liberator, an anti-slavery newspaper which Garrison published for three decades. In a time where most Americans were turning a blind eye to a blaring social issue, William Garrison stood strong, openly “shouting from the roof top” that slavery was wrong and that emancipation for all slaves was needed, this idea was not popular anywhere in America including in the northern states where the general feeling was against slavery....
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The Abolitionist Movement - “You must be the change you...

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