DQ's7 - How do the needs of an organization decide what...

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How do the needs of an organization decide what human and capital resources are required to be successful? In what way is the HR function important to the success of the everyday tasks in an organization? Discuss the competitive advantages that can accrue to an organization that genuinely is committed to workplace diversity? Please make certain that you indicate strategies for overcoming resistance to diversity programs. To be successful a business must recruit the correct talent to ensure that they achieve their goals. An organization has to know first, what its goals are; and secondly an organization must attract, develop, and maintain the correct talent to achieve their goals. The development of this talent is important because these employees will eventually lead the organization into the future. The HR function in this is to attract the correct prospective people to apply to work at an organization. People must be sought out to fill specific positions; this means that for each position that needs to be filled a person specifically for that position should be sought out, instead of taking applicants and fielding through the few who apply. HR is also in charge of training and “growing” employees within an organization. For an organization to have diversity among its employees allows the organization to have a broad scope or view. This broad scope is a wide variety of ideas and different thoughts which allows the organization to grow in vast directions and expand upon their original goals. What are employee benefits? Explain how they are a major part of the compensation package. Review your current compensation package and determine if it is adequate and fair given the tasks you complete in your job. Benefits are payment for work done, this includes money in form of a check and also any plan that the employee benefits from; such as a retirement or 401k plan. Also insurance such as medical or dental and others can be offered to employees. Paid vacation days and sick days are also considered to be part of a benefits package. The general level of the benefits offered to the employee depends upon the level in which the employee is among the organization; managers will have better benefits than those in which they are managing.
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I do not have many benefits because I work for a nonprofit. I do get matched 401k up to 10%. I feel that this is a fair package because my job is considered entry level and I am also compensated very fairly for my work within the organization. What are three internal and external job recruitment strategies? Identify when each would be appropriate and when each would inappropriate to use. In conjunction with your HR representative, you will develop the appropriate recruiting strategy. Your HR representative will utilize automated web-based staffing management systems to identify and forward to you the applications, resumes and cover letters of qualified applicants. This will help determine if it is even necessary to do additional
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DQ's7 - How do the needs of an organization decide what...

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