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Module 7 paper

Module 7 paper - Winshape Retreat Running Head Winshape...

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Winshape Retreat 1 Running Head: Winshape Retreat Allen Brown Module 7: HR recruiting, developing, and retaining Organizational Behavior and Management MGT- 420 Aug 7 th 2010 It is important for an organization to attract talented employees so that the organization will run smoothly and also grow as an organization to achieve goals set forth in the planning stages of the organization. An organization not only has to attract the correct talent for their positions but also develop their employees through trainings to be the future leaders of the organization. The final and most important step for an organization is to retain the talent that they attract and develop so that the investment in their employees can pay off for the organization. Winshape Retreat is a conference center who caters to the needs of couples, church groups, ministries, and many other secular and non-secular groups. “Our mission is to create a caring, safe place for growth and transformation. To accomplish our mission, we begin with a staff carefully chosen for their natural motivation to minister to the needs of people in the world today. In short, we care. We make it our goal to find special ways to make your day – whether that means going out of our way, or staying out of yours. In addition, we want each
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Winshape Retreat 2 guest to feel safe – physically and emotionally. The pristine, secluded setting is meant to foster personal introspection and meaningful connections with others and with God. Those elements set the stage for growth and transformation.” (Winshape Corperation, 2009) Winshape Retreat fails in all three of the major human resource needs that are presented by Shermerhorn of attracting, developing, and retaining talent. “First, the most valuable resource is human capital in a knowledgeable economy.
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Module 7 paper - Winshape Retreat Running Head Winshape...

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