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Discuss the order of the gaps model you would employ as the manager of a service organization to improve service. As a manager of a service organization I would use gaps 1 and 3 to improve customer service. Gap 1 is the knowledge gap; if there is an issue this is where I would begin addressing it. This gap is indicative of the company not knowing or understanding the customer expects. Gap 3 is the service performance gap; this gap deals with a company not delivering upon promised standards. His would be the next gap addressed because once an understanding is established then the performance has to be executed. How are the basic characteristics of services marketing different than those of goods marketing? Service marketing is a much bigger challenge than goods marketing. In service marketing you must attempt to market something that is intangible and that the customer will never own. The other issue with service marketing is attempting to
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Unformatted text preview: offer each individual a unique experience. These issues make service marketing very difficult; goods can be marketed at specific cliental, an item that they can physically own. Discuss the steps and the benefits of a social audit. Social auditing is a process that enables an organization to assess and demonstrate its social, economic, and environmental benefits and limitations. It is a way of measuring the extent to which an organization lives up to the shared values and objectives it has committed itself to. Social auditing provides an assessment of the impact of an organization’s non-financial objectives through systematically and regularly monitoring its performance and the views of its stakeholders. Social auditing is beneficial because it allows you to fully understand a companies strong points and limitations thus allowing a marketer to focus on strong points of the company....
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