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  What are 3 brands of the same product (e.g. breakfast cereal) that are positioned differently? How are they differentiated? The “big three” shoe companies each produce a top of the line basketball shoe that is differently positioned in markets. Nike produces its top shoe, the hyperdunk, for guards and forwards looking for the quick bust of speed and height in their leap; a shoe that is light. Adidas’s top shoe, the TS Beast, is designed for big men playing the post. Their shoe offers a solid base and great
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Unformatted text preview: grip that is used to gain position and power through the defense. Reebok’s top basketball shoe is designed with the point guard in mind, supported by John Wall a rookie in the NBA; the Zig Slash is built for speed and cuts. These three shoes are the best of the company that produces them but are all targeted at a different type of player and serving a different purpose on the court. Nike Hyperdunk- Height Adidas TS Beast- Power Reebok Zig Slash- Speed...
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