Module 2 Business Plan

Module 2 Business Plan - 1 Running Head: The Atlas T he...

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Running Head: The Atlas Allen Brown Module 2: The Atlas MKT 240: Principles of Marketing 1
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Nov 27 th 2010The Atlas The Atlas is a complete online business solutions center. The services that a business can subscribe to from Atlas are; full business accounting, marketing planning and execution assistance, tax preparation, and business plan outlining for one, five and ten year goals. Every business needs a one-stop help assistant for all of the functioning business needs; this is what Atlas would provide. Atlas, as a subscription service would work similarly to other bundle services such as a cable company would provide, the more you subscribe to the more you save! Atlas would provide 24hr customer service both online and through their 1-800 business solutions hotline, both free with any service subscription. Each level of subscription would come with different perks to act as incentives for that level of subscription, perks would include; free online file storage, advertisement design and printing, and website development and assistance for those purchasing the total package.
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Module 2 Business Plan - 1 Running Head: The Atlas T he...

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