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Exp 5 Lab report - burned off it was never weighed before...

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Exp 5 Lab report. Samiya Channe 1. The percent water is determined by the loss in mass after heating. The water vapor condensed on the crucible wall before heating was lost in addition to the water of hydration. Excess mass was lost which is interpreted as higher percent water in the hydrate than it actually would have been. 3. Since the fired crucible is handled with oily fingers AFTER its mass measurement and subsequently in part b, the oil from the fingers is
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Unformatted text preview: burned off, it was never weighed before or after heating and therefore it has no effect 4. The reported yield would be low as mixture of anhydrous + hydrous salt will have more mass and will yield less water vapor. 6. When hydrated salt is overheated to produce gas products, the reported percent water in the hydrated salt would be too high, including the weight of the gas products. 7. ? (not sure about this one. .)...
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