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dream of the Rood - seen the vision and I am trying to...

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Danielle Shamroe Project summary 12:30-1:45 The project that my group members and I will be performing is the Dream of the Rood . I will be performing the Dreamer, and be acting as I am visioning the dream at that moment. The style I will be trying to portray is feeling an overwhelming embrace of this information, and the spirit of Jesus and the cross. In the first part, I will be speaking calm and collected, as I had first
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Unformatted text preview: seen the vision and I am trying to interpret the vision as I tell about it. After I hear the Rood speak, I would like to become more passionate and powerful with my words. I am really excited about doing this performance project, because I will be able to perform the words on the page, interpret the author’s writing, and help others understand the poem like I do now....
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