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The amazing 1102 essay - The amazing 1102 essay Man’s...

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Unformatted text preview: The amazing 1102 essay Man’s utter dependence The cliché with every ending comes a new beginning certainly pertains to nature; with death every fall, spring brings life. William Carlos Williams’s poem, “The Red Wheelbarrow,” illustrates the beautiful simplicity of nature. The work focuses on a wheelbarrow and chickens during a rainstorm. Critics, Hal Blythe, Charlie Sweet and Quinton Youngber all examine the simplistic images created in Williams’s work. Blythe and Sweet argue that “The Red Wheelbarrow” forces the reader to notice not only the wheelbarrow as a central object, but also a shifting point of view within the poem. Youngber focuses his attention on the images as unifying agents between man and nature. Like, Yougber, I believe “The Red Wheelbarrow” focuses on a red wheelbarrow to portray it as a mediator between nature’s cycles and man’s desires. The imagery used in “RWB” represents the relationship between human and nature. The speaker paints a picture of a scene that shows a moment between man and nature. The red wheel represents a human made tool in the midst of nature. Nature is represented by the wheelbarrow being “glazed with rain” and surrounded by livestock (l.5). Likewise, Younger shows how the images connect humans to nature. He analyzes the images such as the wheelbarrow, the chickens, and the rainwater to show that they correlate. For example, the image reflects human stages by the “white chicken” represent purification, fertility, and growth (Youngber, 152). The imagery describes how man and nature go hand and handNeed more of a knock-out here. A sense of bringing all the images together. Deal with the chickens Prepare the reader for this shift to the critic—a simple “also” would work Look at the way these sentences all begin the same way—when you find that you have 3 sentences in a row all beginning article, noun, verb try inverting your sentences Interesting word choice be sure to explain it Neither of these imagery paragraphs use the Sweet piece; yet, it applies. The authors argue that the presentation of images—like a still life painting force the reader to deal with them as separate and then connected parts of a whole. Awk wording nice nice intext citation diction is not alive and thus cannot use anything explain and elaborate on this more good observation but continue to support it—examine the structure-1 adj pr noun etc etc hm. Not a great ko nice. Correct use of lines in a poem correct use of this within the poem You are not ready for the critic yet, because you have not established the symbolism for yourself. You must put your ideas first—why only two colors? How are the colors significant? How might the rain be important symbolically? After you have dealt with those items, then you may go into the critics....
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The amazing 1102 essay - The amazing 1102 essay Man’s...

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