Alfa%20Email%20Assignment - Subject: Hellosir Earlier,...

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Subject: Benefits of Tele-commutation Hello sir, Earlier, I spoke with you about the negative implications of an office expansion to my job  performance and Tele-commutation as solution. As you asked, I have listed the benefits  of Tele-commutation below. 1. Work is “more productive due to fewer interruptions from not being in the office”  (Planning  Enhances the Potential, 2008). I expect the expansion of the workforce to increase  interruptions and distraction to my work, and hamper job performance. Considering the  creative nature of my work, it is a pivotal benefit for me and the office. Additionally, there  is also a potential for sizable increase in billable hour (Planning Enhances the Potential,  2008). 2. Computer mediated communications can enhance collaboration initiatives between employees.
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  • Computer-mediated communication, face-to-face communication, hamper job performance., Tele­commutation Hello sir, clearer role expectations

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Alfa%20Email%20Assignment - Subject: Hellosir Earlier,...

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