Methods (Spring 10-11)


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AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY - BANGLADESH Dhaka, Bangladesh Department of Basic Science (Mathematics) COURSE OUTLINE Academic Term: Spring 2010-2011 I- Course Code and Title : MAT3101, Mahematical Methods of Engineering II- Credit : 3 Credit Hours (Theory) III- Course Description : Representation of Numbers and Errors. Solution of Equations in One Variable. System of Linear Equations. Interpolation. Curve fitting and Spline, Numerical Differentiations and Integrations. Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) and Systems of ODEs. IV- Objectives: This course is intended to be the first numerical methods course for students of Science and Engineering Faculties. Its objectives are (1) to develop a basic understanding of the numerical methods that are widely used in engineering analysis, (2) to develop an understanding of the computer implementation of these numerical methods. A careful derivation of these numerical methods, whenever appropriate, is emphasized. In this course successful student will learn to recognize problems for which a numerical approach is appropriate. V – Topics to be Covered
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