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chm1046 syllabus - CHM 1046 College Chemistry II Section...

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CHM 1046 College Chemistry II Section 08655 Spring 2011 Monday/Wednesday 5:30-6:45PM Instructor: Prof. Krista Noren-Santmyer Location: BSCI 202 Office: BSCI 207e Office Hours: Monday 9:30-11AM & 3-5PM; Tuesday 9:30-11AM Wednesday 3:30-5:30PM; Thursday 9:30-11AM Please feel free to visit me during my office hours. You can also reach me by phone, email, or if my office hours are not convenient, we can set up an appointment Phone: (813)253-7936 Email Address: [email protected] You can also email me through [email protected] and Webassign Welcome to College Chemistry II! Chemistry, science, and technology impact your lives everyday. Advances in chemistry are leading to solutions to such problems as pollution, global warming, new energy sources, new diseases, and medical treatments. Advances in chemistry can also lead to new problems. It is important for you as a responsible citizen and voter to understand basic chemical principles in order to make informed decisions about factors affecting you and the world around you. Course Description: Second part of a two-semester sequence. Topics include properties of solids and liquids, properties of solutions, ionic equilibria, chemical equilibria, reaction rates, electrochemistry, and chemical thermodynamics. Prerequisite: Passing grade in CHM 1045 and CHM 1045L Co-requisite: CHM 1046 L General Chemistry II Laboratory Textbook/Materials: CHEMISTRY by Zumdahl, 8 th edition, 2010. (Book & supplemental materials are on reserve in library.) ISBN: 978-0-547-12532-9 o You may also purchase an ebook version at or through Webassign o A new textbook at the bookstore comes bundled with free access to Webassign (required) as well as volumes 1 & 2 of the text, which correspond to CHM 1045 & CHM 1046 A scientific calculator (required) Lecture slide printouts are available via [email protected] o These outlines should be printed prior to coming to class. You are responsible for printing these out. WebAssign (required) You will access and submit assignments on-line (refer to handout on how to access WebAssign). Registration Access Codes are bundled together with new books; you can also purchase access for approximately $47/semester on-line. CHM 1046 1
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Instructional Methods: Multi-media approach including power point presentations, computer simulations, and video. Concepts are presented through lecture, class discussion, group work and facilitated practice. Study Aids: Zumdahl Website: Site provides practice tests, movies, media activities, tutorials, and flashcards, among other things. The passkey is in the student media package that is shrink-wrapped with the new textbook. You can also purchase the passkey at the website if you bought your textbook used. Study Guide for Zumdahl and Zumdahl’s Chemistry, by Paul Kelter, 8
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chm1046 syllabus - CHM 1046 College Chemistry II Section...

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