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chm1046l experiment 14 postlab

chm1046l experiment 14 postlab - Brad Deitemeyer Laurene...

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Brad Deitemeyer Classification of Chemical Substances Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether a substance is ionic, molecular, macromolecular, or metallic based on the results from several experiments. Method: Several tests were performed on the various chemicals to determine their classification, including melting point, solubility, solution conductance, solid conductance, and molten conductance. For the melting point, a pea-sized amount of each chemical was placed in a test tube, and then held with tongs over a Bunsen flame until the sample melted. Based on the amount of time and color of the surrounding flame, this test would determine an approximate melting point. For the solubility tests, three pea-sized amounts of each chemical were placed in separate test tubes. One test tube would be mixed with a small amount of water, one with hexane, and one with acetone to determine if the samples were soluble with any of these solvents. The next series of tests involved
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