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Brad Deitemeyer Rates of Evaporation and Intermolecular Forces Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to determine the rate of evaporation of various samples, then to analyze the data and see if there is a relationship between the samples’ intermolecular forces and their rates of evaporation. Method: In order to test the samples’ rates of evaporation, we first fitted a digital thermometer with a piece of filter paper using a rubber band. Next, the thermometer’s tip was dipped in the solvent, and then removed immediately. The starting temperature was immediately recorded at this time, and then every ten seconds thereafter until the temperature stopped dropping. The filter paper was then removed, the thermometer tip was cleaned, and then the process repeated for each sample. Results and Conclusions: Pentane - .58 Methanol - .25 Hexane – .31 Ethanol - .14 Heptane - .24 Propanol - .10 Butanol - .06 Butanol had the lowest evaporation rate (. 06 ) as well as the strongest
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